How to take care of your feet at home

How to take care of your feet at home

Caring for your feet at home

With summer approaching, we are showing off our feet more. Often, they are tucked away in socks and shoes, but with the warmer temperatures, those cute sandals and open-toe shoes can come out of the closet again. Preparing your feet for this can be done right at home! Give yourself a lovely pedicure and get ready for summer. 

The importance of a foot care routine 

But why is taking good care of your feet so important? By wearing tight shoes, our skin forms extra layers of calluses to protect them and the skin becomes thicker. To avoid too many calluses, it is important to carefully remove them on a regular basis. In addition, just like your hands, you should moisturize your feet regularly. Sufficient moisture will help keep your skin elastic and less prone to damage.  

How to make your feet healthy and soft   

Healthy and soft feet are not easy to come by. But if you put in some time every now and then, you will have well-cared-for feet in no time. Completing a good foot care routine occasionally will do the trick, but there is more you can do to look after your feet. Make sure you always dry your feet thoroughly after a shower or bath. This will prevent your skin from staying wet too long which can cause bacteria to develop.  

How to get rid of hard skin on your feet 

To reduce the rough skin on your feet, start by changing your shoes regularly. Wearing the same pair of shoes for a long time or wearing them too long is bad for your feet. Especially if you often wear shoes that are too tight, calluses will form more quickly. 

A pedicure at home will also help you to reduce calluses. By using the Callus Remover and Foot File regularly, the formation of calluses and hard skin will be well controlled.  

How to do a pedicure at home 

Not sure where to start? With our new pedicure products, it is easy to take care of your feet yourself. The Callus Remover in combination with the Foot File makes it easy to gently remove calluses and hard skin. The Miracle Foot Lotion completes your pedicure and has a deep moisturizing effect. 

Watch the tutorial in the video below. 

What you need 

At-home pedicure steps 

Step 1: Apply the Callus Remover to the callus on your feet at approximately 10 cm. Allow the product to do its work and soak for 2 minutes. 

PN Callus Remover

Step 2: Take the foot file and file carefully over the hard skin in a back-and-forth motion. Use the coarse side for this. Finish with the fine side for a smooth finish. After removing the callus, rinse your feet in a footbath. 

PN Foot File

Step 3: Apply the Miracle Foot Lotion. This moisturizing lotion will make your feet softer and moisturized. Massage the lotion well.  

PN Miracle Foot Lotion

Did you know that a good foot massage is also healthy? It stimulates blood circulation. Besides massaging your feet, it is healthy to walk on your bare feet regularly for a 'natural' massage. 

If you cannot remove all the calluses immediately, it is better to repeat the treatment regularly. This way, you can enjoy soft and well-groomed feet. 

Foot Care: perfect as a gift!  

Looking for an original gift? Give the Foot Care kit as a present! This set contains the Callus Remover, Foot File and Miracle Foot Lotion. With this complete kit, your dear friend, mum, niece, colleague, ... can get started right away. Because what is better than giving a selfcare moment, right? 

Feet Treat kit

Tips to take care of your feet from PN Selfcare 

Besides removing calluses and moisturizing your feet, do not forget your cuticles. Treat them regularly as well. Use PN Nail & Cuticle Oil to keep them supple. As with your fingers, it is important to gently push back the cuticles regularly on your toes. Use the PN Cuticle Pusher for this.  

The PN Selfcare range contains several Nail Care products that can also be used for your toenails. Can they use some extra strength? Use the Nail Strengthener. For a healthy boost, our Nail Serum is suitable.  


For the icing on the cake, finish your pedicure with a beautiful Nail Polish colour. With open-toe shoes, our Selfgel is also suitable! Go for a fun colour and mix & match with your hands. 

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