Perfect Red Polish Bundle

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Are you on trend? This set will give you the ultimate red manicure you've been dreaming of.

Start with 1 layer of Perfect Base, follow with two layers of shade Must Have Red and top of with 1 layer of Forever Shine. Made a mistake? No big deal, just touch up with the PN Polish Corrector Pen. Want something different but stylish? Decorate one or more nails with the Iconic Shades 1 nail stickers.

This kit contains:
  • 1x PN Polish Corrector Pen
  • 1x Nail Icons Iconic Shades 1
  • 1x Nail Polish Must Have Red
  • 1x PN Perfect Base 6ml
  • 1x PN Forever Shine 6ml

Pimp your nail polish manicure with the Nail wraps “Iconic Shades”. This set consists out of 24 ultra thin, self-adhesive and long-lasting nail polish strips which you can apply and remove very easily all by yourself.


How to apply Nail Icons

  • Push back your cuticles and clean your nails to remove any residue.
  • Remove the clear cover off the sheet.
  • Choose your Nail Icon in the appropriate size.
  • Apply the Nail Icon to the nail and gently stretch to fit.
  • File excess Nail Icon
  • You nailed it!
  • Tip: Apply one layer of PN Forever Shine for a long lasting result.

Be careful with sunscreen/self tanners. If you don't use a topcoat this can damage the Nail Icon.

How to remove Nail Icons

After 10 days we recommend to remove the Nail Icons by applying a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and gently let the pad work it’s magic on your nails. Do not remove Nail Icons by tearing them off it will damage the natural nail.