PN Selfgel Basics Soak Kit + Lamp

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Time for a new gel manicure? Thanks to the PN Selfgel Basics Soak set, you have all the products you need right away!

With the PN Selfgel Remove Strips in combination with the PN Selfgel Remover, you can effectively remove your old semi-permanent manicure and other residues. So you can quickly get started with a new color. The PN Selfgel Remover is the perfect liquid to soak off your selfgel manicure with soakable base, without damaging the nail.

Use the PN Nail Wipes to degrease your nails before starting your Selfgel manicure so that the Selfgel base can adhere optimally. Use them after the Selfgel gloss to remove the sticky layer and bring out the beautiful shine.

The PN Selfgel Soakable Base, unlike the PN Selfgel Peelable Base, is a basecoat that is peelable. Because it has a slightly thicker texture than the Peelable base, it strengthens the nail surface and fills in the grooves, giving you a nice even surface. The ideal base for a beautiful Selfgel manicure. This basecoat is ideal for on toenails because it is super resistant to friction in shoes.

So, all you have to do now is pick a gel polish color and cure your nails under a UV lamp. The PN Selfcare Led Lamp works ideally in combination with our other products, for perfect and long-lasting results in as little as 30 sec!