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Thanks to PN Selfgel, you can now apply a new nail colour that lasts longer than 10 days in just a few simple steps. ā šŸ’…ā  Getting started? This kit contains all the basics you need to apply and remove your manicure at home.

Included in the kit:

  • PN Selfgel LED Lamp
  • PN Selfgel Prepper (6 ml)
  • PNĀ SelfgelĀ Peelable Base (6 ml)
  • PN Selfgel colour 24Ā Hello MerlotĀ 
  • PNĀ SelfgelĀ FinishĀ (6 ml)
  • PN Cleanser Wipes (14 pcs)
  • PN Shape & PrepĀ File (1 pcs)
  • PN Prep & RemoveĀ Pusher (1 pcs)

Taking it off again is easier and safer than ever with the Peel-off Selfgel! No more skin-drying liquids but simply peelable without damaging your nails.Ā