Selfgel Kit incl colour Ruby Red + Nail Icon + Holographic gift sleeve

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift? PN Selfcare takes your stress away with these giftwrapped Selfgel Kits and bring your gifting game to the next level!

With the easy PN Selfgel kit you can do your nails yourself in the blink of an eye, in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want!

Imagine saving all that time, energy and money from going to the salon and investing it in doing something for yourself. A 21 days magnificent manicure. How happy would you be? That’s why we are convinced that selfcare isn’t selfish and this is the perfect gift to give your loved one.

This deal contains:

  • 1x PN Selfgel Home Manicure Kit incl colour Ruby Red
- PN Selfgel LED Lamp
- PN Selfgel Prepper (6 ml)
- PN Selfgel Peelable Base (6 ml)
- PN Selfgel 17 Ruby Red (6ml)
- PN Selfgel Finish (6 ml)
- PN Cleanser Wipes (14 pcs)
- PN Shape & Prep File (1 pcs)
- PN Prep & Remove Pusher (1 pcs)
    • 1x Holographic gift sleeve
    • 1x Nail Icons Iconic Shades 1

    Pimp your gel polish manicure with the Nail wraps “Iconic Shades 1”. This set consists out of 24 ultra thin, self-adhesive and long-lasting nail polish strips which you can apply and remove very easily all by yourself.


      How to apply Nail Icons

      • Push back your cuticles and clean your nails to remove any residue.
      • Remove the clear cover off the sheet.
      • Choose your Nail Icon in the appropriate size.
      • Apply the Nail Icon to the nail and gently stretch to fit.
      • File excess Nail Icon
      • Apply 1 layer of PN Selfgel Finish and cure under the lamp
      • You nailed it!

      Be careful with sunscreen/self tanners. If you don't use a topcoat this can damage the Nail Icon.

      How to remove Nail Icons

      If you use the Nail Icon on your natural nail you can remove it with nail polish remover. If you prefer to apply it above your Selfgel colour you can remove it with the PN Polish Corrector Pen. Place it under the detached part of the Selfgel and slowly rub off the entire surface.