PN Selfgel Hello Autumn collection 5pcs

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Time to put away your summer dresses and bring out the cosy sweaters! As usual, autumn brings warm and earthy tones, and we have bundled them for you in the 'Hello Autumn' collection!

This collection contains:
  • 1x PN Selfgel Colour 43 Orange Soda 6ml
  • 1x PN Selfgel Colour 23 Rusty Red 6ml
  • 1x PN Selfgel Colour 22 Red Velvet 6ml
  • 1x PN Selfgel Colour 25 Black Rose 6ml
  • 1x PN Selfgel Colour 26 Little Black Dress 6ml

Semi-permanent nail polish colours to cure under the LED lamp. Pretty easy!

Selfgel is an exclusive semi-permanent nail polish, also known as Gel Polish, with a wide range of trend colours! This Gel Polish colour should be used in combination with the Selfgel Kit and should be cured under the Selfgel LED lamp to enjoy a long-lasting manicure for 10 days.

Important to know: Gel Polish colours dry out when exposed to UV light, from lamps or sunlight, so be sure to always keep them closed when you’re not using them! 

Watch the video and learn how to apply Selfgel!