About us

We make you shine

PN Selfcare is a retail brand of nail, hand & foot care that makes professional beauty accessible to a wider and demanding audience that is looking for safe, easy yet high-performing beauty solutions. 

With 40 years of experience in the professional nail industry, we reimagine our professional expertise into uncomplicated do-it-yourself self-care products
that will uplift your everyday confidence and make you shine.


When it comes to self-care, what’s the one treat that gives an instant confidence boost every single time?Dreamy, perfectly manicured nails that last for days. Right?


IIn our PN range you will find next to the PN Peel-Off Selgelkit also PNSelfgelcolours, as well as a PN LED lamp and all the basic products you need to get started.

We also offer a nail care range, from a cuticle oil to a nail strengthener and a wide range of nail polish colours with an exceptional chip-free long-lasting formula.