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Product information

How to apply nail polish?  

Follow these steps for a long-lasting result:
1. Clean the nails thoroughly before applying PN Perfect Base.
2. Apply one coat of PN Perfect Base to all ten nails.
3. Apply two coats of a nail polish colour and allow to dry for 2 minutes.
4. Apply one coat of PN Forever Shine and leave to dry.

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Why do you use the PN Perfect Base when applying nail polish?
We recommend protecting your natural nail plate before applying a pigmented colour. Besides protection, this also gives your manicure a longer shelf life.

Why do you use the PN Forever Shine after applying nail polish?
The topcoat is essential to prevent chipping: it makes sure you can enjoy your nails longer than ever before! Moreover, it gives your manicure a beautiful shine.

Can you use the PN Selfgel lamp to dry the nail polish faster?
No, you cannot use the PN Self Gel Lamp with nail polish, this has no effect on the drying of your nails. The PN Self Gel lamp is used to cure the Self Gel products.

How can you easily correct mistakes?
You can use the PN Polish Corrector Pen. The fine tip of the pen allows you to correct minor nail polish and Selfgel mistakes while the jojoba oil provides a nourishing effect.

What is Selfgel?
Selfgel is a vegan, easy-to-use gel polish system for home manicures, with a wide range of on-trend colours. You cure it with a LED lamp and it gives you a perfect manicure that lasts up to 10 days. Thanks to the Belgian innovative formula it can be removed very easily without damaging the nails, just by peeling it off!

What do you need to apply Selfgel?
To apply Selfgel, you will need the following products: Selfgel LED lamp, Selfgel Prepper, Selfgel Peelable Base, a Selfgel colour, Selfgel Gloss and PN Selfgel Cleanser Wipes. To help you on your way we have bundled everything you need in an all-in-one kit: the Selfgel Home Manicure Kit.

How do you apply Selfgel?
On the blog you will find a very simple tutorial, follow the steps for a long-lasting result!

How long will Selfgel stay on my nails?
You can enjoy perfectly polished nails for 10 days.

My nails are sticky after curing the topcoat in the lamp
After curing the topcoat, you should remove the sticky layer with a PN Cleanser Wipe.

Can I apply Selfgel to my toenails?
Yes, you can also apply Selfgel to toenails. We recommend using a Soakable Base instead of the Peelable Base as it lasts longer. You can find the Soakable Base in the Di! Shops.

Can you use a nail polish colour in combination with the Selfgel products?
No, you cannot use a nail polish colour in combination with the Selfgel products. You can choose from 40 beautiful Selfgel colours for your next Selfgel manicure.

The cable of my PN Selfgel lamp is broken
You can replace the cable of the lamp with any micro-USB cable.

How do I remove my Selfgel manicure?
After 10 days you can peel off your Selfgel manicure thanks to the peelable base. You do not need any chemical liquids and you save time removing your semi-permanent nail polish. How do you proceed?
- Loosen the edges of the Selfgel. You can use the flat part of the PN Prep & Remove Pusher.
- Hold the loosened part of the Selfgel at the side and peel it off the nail surface slowly.
- Clean the nails with a PN Cleanser Wipe.
Does your Selfgel not coming off properly? Use the PN Nail & Cuticle Oil or the PN Polish Corrector Pen to loosen the Selfgel at the side. Place this under the loosened part of the Selfgel and slowly rub off the entire surface. Do not pull the Selfgel off hard.

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How long can I keep the product in the bottle?
On cosmetic products you will find a symbol with an opened jar. A number is written in it. This number indicates the number of months that the product will remain good after opening.

How should the product be stored?
For an optimal result, it is best to store the bottles closed and at room temperature. Gel polish products dry out when exposed to UV light from lamps or sunlight. Make sure they are always closed when you are not using them!

What are Nail Icons?
Nail Icons are ultra-thin, self-adhesive and long-lasting nail polish strips that you can easily apply and remove yourself.

How long do they last?
Nail Icons stay beautiful on the nails for up to 10 days. 

How to apply them?
- Push your cuticles back and clean your nails, so that no grease or dirt is present.
- Remove the transparent foil from the sheet.
- Choose the Nail Icon in the right size.
- Apply the nail icon to the nail, press firmly and fold gently over the nail.
- File away the excess Nail Icon.
- You've done it!
Tip: apply a layer of PN Forever Shine to enjoy the result longer.

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How can you protect the Nail Icons?
Be careful with sunscreen/self-tanners. If you don't use a topcoat this can damage the Nail Icon. So definitely apply a layer of PN Forever Shine for a long-lasting result.

Can I apply Nail Icons only on the natural nail?
Nail Icons can be applied on the natural nail, on top of your Selfgel or even on your gel or acrylic nails. Ideal for some variation or to cover that outgrowth.

How long can I store Nail Icons after opening?
After opening the packaging, the Nail Icons can dry out. Close it well: fold the sheet over at the place where the design name is. Take the sticker 'nail Icons' and put it back in the transparent packaging. Seal the packaging. This way it can stay good for a second or third use.

How often can I use my Nail Icons?
A set of Nailicons contains 24 strips, with which you can apply 2 to 3 applications.

Tip: You can cut a Nailicon in two and use it on two nails.

How do I remove them?
After 10 days we recommend removing the Nail Icons. This is easily done by applying a little nail polish remover to a cotton wool and letting it soak into the Nail Icon for a few seconds. Do not remove your Nail Icons by pulling them off, this can damage the natural nail.

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I did not receive an order confirmation
How annoying! Please send an email to so we can check this for you as soon as possible. 

When will my package arrive?
All orders are processed within 1 - 2 working days (excluding weekends and Belgian holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another e-mail with a Track & Trace number when your order has been shipped. 

How much shipping costs do I have to pay?
All domestic orders to and from Belgium have a fixed shipping cost of €4.83. If your order is €75 or higher it will be shipped for free. 

International orders have a fixed shipping rate per country, these rates are listed here.

I have used the product but am not satisfied, can I return it?
We have a 14-day return policy, which means you can request a return within 14 days of receiving your item. Read more about it here.
Please note that your return must meet the following conditions:
- Cosmetic articles can only be returned in unopened and unused condition.
- Send your products back in undamaged packaging (preferably the original shipping box).
- We reserve the right to refuse returns or charge for damage to products that are damaged or show signs of use. 

My order is incomplete
Our apologies, we will be happy to help you personally at

I have received the wrong product
We are very happy to help you personally at and send you the correct product as soon as possible. 

I am not satisfied with the Selfgel result
Sorry to read this, did you follow all the steps correctly? On our blog you will find several tutorials with extra tips for a great result.  

Please note that every nail plate is different, so you may have to search for your nail type in the beginning.  

Still not satisfied or not working? On each product, next to the barcode, you will find a batch number. Write down this number and send it together with your order number and the product to Together we will see how we can guide you to the desired result. 

The Selfgel comes off after 1 day
Every nail type is different & just with cosmetics it is sometimes necessary to search until you have found the right product for your skin or nail type.  

For nails that do not bond well, we recommend roughing up the nail by filing lightly on the nail bed with the grey side of the file. This opens the pores and improves the adhesion of the product to the nail.  

Degrease the nails with the Cleanser Wipes - this improves the adhesion of the product.  

When applying the Gloss, you can also apply it over the board of your nail and then cure it so everything is closed with the final layer. 

I notice a difference when using the Selfgel colours
We are constantly improving our formulas. Also, each colour and product is made differently. Dark colours also tend to be more pigmented, which can make them feel thicker. So always apply your colour in thin layers. Often one coat is sufficient. This means that you are not only ready faster but you can also do many more applications with one bottle.

My brush is still hard
There is a protective layer on the brushes. You can remove this by rubbing it or going over it with some acetone. You will see, the hairs come loose. The hairs will also straighten themselves in the product.

The gel in my bottle is getting clumpy
The products cure under a LED lamp, which means that they polymerize or become hard under light. So be careful to close the bottle immediately after each use and don't put it in direct light as the product will cure.

The gel in my bottle is completely hard
The products cure under a LED lamp, which means that they polymerise or become hard under light. So be careful to close the jar immediately after each use and don't put it in direct light as the product will cure.

Do you test products on animals? 
All our products are vegan and not tested on animals. Moreover, they are made in Belgium. 

Where can I best choose the colours?
On the website, you will find a picture of each colour on your nails. This gives a realistic approach. Look at our Instagram page where we repost pictures of customers and you can see the colour clearly.  

Is there somewhere I can see the colours in real life?
In Belgium, the nail polishes and Selfgel colours are sold in DI! Beauty shops. In some shops there is a colour chart but in most shops, you will only find the product.  

I work with Pronails products, which colour matches a ProNails colour?
ProNails and PN Selfcare are 2 different brands. The colours and products are different.

Where can I find the ingredients?
On the website, you will find all the ingredients of the different products.  Please check these carefully. For additional information or questions, please contact us at

I am allergic to a certain product, how do I know if this ingredient is in the product?
On the website you will find all the ingredients of the various products. Please check these carefully. For additional information or questions, please contact us at

I have missed a promotion
We are sorry that you have missed the promotion. We try to highlight all the products on a regular basis, so be sure to check your mail and our social media channels for the next actions.