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The Selected Product of the Year logo was created to give the consumer a voice. After all, they are the only ones who really have ‘something to say’ about the products and brands for the general public. The competition “Selected Product
of the Year” is subjected to the most extensive research that is representative of the consumer’s behaviour towards new products in Belgium. In addition, the products are tested in a real home situation by a representative consumer panel. Consumers are discovering new products in the store thanks to the competition and are given an extra guarantee: the evaluation of a total of 5,000 representative consumers on the market.

The Product of the Year logo gives you the confidence to make the right choice. SelfGel has been extensively tested and approved by 5000 consumers.

SelfGel Product of the Year


Most women want nicely painted nails but don’t have time to go to a professional salon. That is why ProNails has developed the SelfGel. We want to bring beauty closer with the SelfGel. We want to do this in a consumer-friendly way by experimenting with the SelfGel at home in their own comfort zone. This way, everyone can enjoy a real me-time moment. SelfGel is easy to apply and you can choose from more than 30 intense colours that already cover perfectly in two thin layers. Every season we bring new trendy colours so your manicure is always up to date with the latest fashion & beauty trends. Moreover, you can safely and quickly remove everything without damaging the natural nail in just 15 minutes.

SelfGel is exclusively sold by Di, both in stores and online.