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Selfgel Peelable base and Selfgel Finish now available in duo!

The Selfgel Soakable Base: The PN Selfgel Soakable Base, unlike the PN Selfgel Peelable Base, is a basecoat that can be removed with PN Selfgel Remover and Remove stips instead of peeling off. Due to its slightly thicker texture than the Peelable base, it strengthens the nail surface and fills in the grooves, resulting in a smooth and even surface. The ideal base for a beautiful Selfgel manicure. This basecoat is ideal for toenails because it is more resistant to friction in shoes.

The Selfgel Finish: will protect your colour and give a beautiful shine. The Selfgel Finish must be used in combination with the Selfgel Peelable Base and Selfgel Colour and must be cured under an LED lamp to enjoy a beautiful, shiny manicure.

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