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pronails partner of professionals

We will make you shine in no time

We strongly believe that everyone must feel confident. With our PN products we give you means to shine, so you can totally be you, every single day. You take care of yourself inside and out, that’s wat Selfcare about.

When it comes to Selfcare, what’s the one treat that gives an instant confidence boost every single time? Dreamy, perfectly manicured nails that last for days. Right?

Always remember, Selfcare isn’t Selfish!

With PN we want to empower you to take your Selfcare into your own hands! That’s why we have easy & reliable beauty solutions for your hands, nails and feet so you can grow your confidence every day, playfully express your unique beauty and shine brightly on special occasions.

PN is there for you if you want to shine with pretty nails, hands and feet in an easy, safe and long-lasting way. By using our brand you keep in touch with the fashionable colours & trends of today and tomorrow.

ProNails the partner of professionals for more than 40 years

PN Selfcare is a Belgian brand by ProNails with over 40 years of experience in the professional nail industry.

ProNails is the trusted partner for top quality hand, nail and foot care for beauty professionals. This innovative brand supports and inspires partners and consumers with trendy high-end products that bring you radiant self-confidence and total satisfaction.

And now, it's made available for you at home!

PN makes professional beauty innovation accessible and simple for today's youthful and beauty-conscious customer who likes to have her nails on point. You will find our brand online and in the better beauty shops.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, 100% made in Belgium

We can proudly say our products are vegan, cruelty free and free of harmful ingredients. We only offer the best for your nails, hands and feet.

Our PN products


- Easy DIY Gel Polish system in 4 steps

- A perfect nail colour up to 10 days

- Unique peel-off innovation with no nail damage

Nail Care

- Professional, nourishing nail treatments for stronger, healthier looking, natural coloured nails

- 5 different nail care solutions for specific need

Hand Care

- Anti-ageing hand care products for daily moisturizing

- Non-greasy texture that instantly melts into the skin

- For an immediate silky soft hands