Video Tutorials

How to apply Nail Icons?

Are you a first-timer? No worries! The Nail Icon nail wraps are easy to apply and come in different prints so you can have your nails match your bubbling personality any time you like. Watch the tutorial!

How to remove Nail Icons?

Time to say goodbye to your iconic nail look? All you need is nail polish remover and a cotton pad. Soak the nail wrap for a few seconds and then gently rub it off.

How to apply Selfgel?

Selfgel is a vegan, easy-to-use Gel Polish system for at-home manicures, with a wide range of trendy colours. You cure it with an LED lamp and it gives you a perfect manicure that lasts up to 21 days. To get you started, we've bundled everything you need into an all-in-one kit: the Selfgel Home Manicure Kit.

How do you remove your Selfgel manicure?

Find out how to remove your Selfgel Gel Polish manicure in this video. Thanks to the peel-off base coat, you peel off your Selfgel manicure whenever and wherever you want. You don't need chemical liquids and you save time removing your gel polish. Just peel it off without damaging the natural nails. Safe and easy!

Strong & healthy nails with the PN Nail Care Set

The perfect manicure starts with healthy strong nails and cuticles. With this all-in-one Nail Care Set, nourish, strengthen and shape your nails to perfection. This set also makes a perfect Selfcare gift for someone special, straight from the heart!

How to apply Nail Polish?

Combine the PN Nail Polish colours with the Perfect Base & Forever Shine for stronger, shinier and long lasting results.