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How to apply Nail Polish?

Combine the PN Nail Polish colours with the Perfect Base & Forever Shine for stronger, shinier and long lasting results.

7 juni 2023
Strong & healthy nails with the PN Nail Care Set

The perfect manicure starts with healthy strong nails and cuticles. With this all-in-one Nail Care Set, nourish, strengthen and shape your nails to perfection. This set also makes a perfect Selfcare gift for someone special,...

7 juni 2023
How do you remove your Selfgel manicure?

Find out how to remove your Selfgel Gel Polish manicure in this video. Thanks to the peel-off base coat, you peel off your Selfgel manicure whenever and wherever you want. You don't need chemical liquids...

7 juni 2023
How to apply Selfgel?

Selfgel is a vegan, easy-to-use Gel Polish system for at-home manicures, with a wide range of trendy colours. You cure it with an LED lamp and it gives you a perfect manicure that lasts up...

7 juni 2023
How to remove Nail Icons?

Time to say goodbye to your iconic nail look? All you need is nail polish remover and a cotton pad. Soak the nail wrap for a few seconds and then gently rub it off.

7 juni 2023
How to apply Nail Icons?

Are you a first-timer? No worries! The Nail Icon nail wraps are easy to apply and come in different prints so you can have your nails match your bubbling personality any time you like. Watch...

7 juni 2023