3 gradient nail looks to try with Selfgel

3 gradient nail looks you need to try this summer! Use different shades for a smooth ombre effect.

Written by Valerie Detienne

If the warmer weather is getting you in the mood to try something new, summer gradient nails are here to shake things up. The gradient manicure is the prettiest way to wear them all. They involve painting each nail a slightly different shade of a similar colour, or an entirely different colour altogether. This way you can create a smooth ombre-like effect from pinky to thumb. 

How to get started?

  • Before you start always wash your hands and prepare your nails with a mini manicure. 
  • Take a PN Cleanser Wipe to thoroughly clean all nails.  
  • Apply a small dose of PN Selfgel Prepper on all nails. Press the product into the nail using the application brush. Start from the free edge of the nail and move towards the cuticles. Let it dry for a few seconds. You do not need to cure this under the Selfgel LED lamp.  
  • Apply 1 layer of PN Selfgel Peelable Base on all nails. Let it dry for 30 seconds. You don’t need to cure this under the Selfgel LED lamp. 
  • Choose your 5 Selfgel colours & apply them in 2 thin layers. Cure each layer under the Selfgel LED lamp. 
  • Finish your nail art by applying PN Selfgel Finish on all nails and cure for 30 seconds under the Selfgel LED lamp. 
  • Remove the remaining sticky layer on all nails using a PN Cleanser wipe to reveal the impeccable shine.


There's a shade of pink for everyone! 

Use a different shade of pink on each finger. A pop of bright pink keeps things interesting. 

5 shades of natural colours

Try varying shades of similar colours, like this manicure that features different shades of nude colours

Pastel Nails

As the sun starts to shine, we all want to brighten up a little. And what better way to brighten up your look than with pastel coloured nails. 

What will your next combination be? Get inspired from these looks and tag us in your creations with #pn_selfcare or @pn_selfcare.

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