Autumn colours and Glow in the Dark Halloween Nail Stickers

Discover 5 Autumn colours that will match every fall outfit and decorate your nails with the Glow in the Dark Nail stickers!

Time to put away your summer dresses and bring out the cosy sweaters! 

Autumn not only brings us cooler weather and chai latte's but also stunning gel polish colours like pumpkin orange, burgundy red, deep plum & powerful black and we have bundled them for you in the 'Hello Autumn' collection! 🍁🎃⁠

Discover 5 autumn colours

PN Selfgel colour Orange Soda: combine this warm orange with a cosy colourful knit! 🧶⁠

PN Selfgel colour Red Velvet: Be bold. Be fabulous. You are meant to be seen and with Red Velvet it just became a lot easier! ❤️⁠

PN Selfgel colour Black Rose: If an intense black manicure isn’t exactly your vibe try this dark-red colour! 🌹⁠

PN Selfgel colour Rusty Red: Spice up your fall outfit with this rusty red nail colour! ⁠

PN Selfgel colour Little Black Dress: There's nothing like black gel polish for fall. Little Black Dress will give you a stylish, fierce and powerful (nail) look. ⁠🖤⁠

Halloween Glow in the Dark Nail Stickers

These show stopping Glow in the Dark Halloween Nail Stickers are exactly what you need to create your Halloween mani this year! 🎃 👻⁠

Don’t have the artistic skills to create the Halloween nail design you’ve been dreaming of? Then we've got you covered! These nail stickers are perfect for you. It's easy to have these nail stickers always around, especially when you're in need of a quick fix for a last-minute Halloween party.

How to apply Nail Stickers?

1. Always wash your hands before you start and prepare your nails with a mini manicure.

2. Take a PN Cleanser Wipe to carefully clean all nails.

3. Apply a small amount of PN Selfgel Prepper to all nails. Press the liquid into the nail with the application brush. Let dry for a few seconds. There is no need to cure it under the Selfgel LED lamp.

4. Apply 1 layer of PN Selfgel Peelable Base on all nails. Let it dry for 30 seconds. There is no need to cure it under the Selfgel LED lamp.

5. Apply 2 layers of PN Selfgel Orange Soda and cure each layer under the Selfgel LED lamp for 30 seconds. Remove the sticky layer with a cleanser wipe.

6. With tweezers tear off your favorite sticker, place it onto the desire location of your nail and press on it gently.

7. Apply one layer of PN Selfgel Finish to protect the nail stickers and cure under the LED lamp.

8. Don't forget to remove the sticky layer with a PN Cleanser Wipes.

💡 Tip: when you hold them into the light, they will shine more brightly as they absorb the light.⁠

It's that easy! You'll have a spooky, cute trick or treat or witch design in no time.

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