DIY Babyboom nails

Eager to explore a nail trend that's both timeless and elegant? Meet Babyboom nails! This classic style emerged after the popular French natural look and has since then become a favorite for its sophisticated charm. If you're after a classy yet simple vibe, Babyboom nails might be just what you're looking for!


For this simple and chique nail design you will need 2 colours; a neutral and a white tone. For this specific look Natural Beauty and Fresh Milk were used. Further the Nail brush, that also doubles as a dotting tool, will be needed.

Once you have prepped your nails with the PN Selfgel Prepper and your base of choice (Peelable or soakable) the making of the Babyboom can be started. Start off by painting the bottom half of your nail with our gellak colour; Natural Beauty. Next paint the other top half of that nail with the reamining polish in colour; Fresh Milk. To make these colours emmerge take your brush and blend the 2 colours where they meet on the boarder line.  

When the first layer has been cured under the lamp, repeat the same step once again to get more pigment. The Babyboom effect has now been completed and now only needs the Topcoat: The PN Selfgel Gloss which will make them shine once they have payed a visit under the UV-lamp and have been cleaned with the cleanser wipes. If wanting to spice this look up you can also add the Chameleon Flakes Gloss on the top of your nail to make this look shimmer and light up every room.

​For a full tutorial where all steps are not only explained but also visualized, view this video.

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