Find your removal system: Soak off vs Peel-off

Are you constantly coming across terms like "soak off technique" or "peel-off technique" but have no idea what they mean? Are you tired of all the confusion and just want a simple DIY manicure without the hassle? Look no further! This blog post will clarify the differences between these two techniques, providing you with valuable insights and a clearer understanding.

Every person and nail is different so it's a matter of trying and seeing what works best for you personally, because applying the right system can indeed have an effect on the durability, the application process and the effect of removing the Selfgel! 

Check here the Peel-off base application and removal video 

Check here the Soak-off base application and removal video


Once you're done reading, you'll be able to confidently choose the right system and product that suits your nails for an easy DIY manicure. With this knowledge, you'll practically be your own nail stylist! 


Friction from shoes can cause the gel polish to detach, that’s why we recommend you to try the Soak off technique for all your pedi’s. It has a stronger hold and last longer! 


If you want a quick application, than the Peel-off base is your go to! As there's no curing process involved, application time is very fast (around 2 minutes).  


For optimal results with the Soak-off technique, it is crucial to file the gloss layer off thoroughly using the gray side of your manicure file. Ensure that both the surface and edges are filed. This step is important as it allows the Acetone to fully penetrate the Selfgel layer, making the removal process easier and faster!   

Nail Type 

Knowing your nail type is very important when choosing the right system. Greasy or soft & brittle nails need a different kind of technique and products when creating a perfect manicure. If you dont know which nail type you have, we suggest you to read our pracitcal blog Finding Your Own Nail Type: Greasy vs Dry & Brittle Nails”! 

Free From 

According to cosmetic legislation, both soak and peel-off products are Hema, di-Hema, HQ, MEHQ, TPO free 

Now, this technique breakdown has definitely gave you a clear vision which technique is most suitable for you. The next step is exploring our range of products! We have created multiple bundles for both soak off and peel-off, including starter kits with or without a LED lamp, some refills, and individual products. With such a variety, there's something for everyone and every nail.  

So, now that you know this information, the perfect gel manicure is at your fingertips!

Unsure about certain aspects? No worries! Our blog covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that you'll find answers to any questions you may have. Learn how to effortlessly apply and remove Selfgel, get expert tips on preparing your nails beforehand, and explore the differences between Selfgel and traditional nail polish. Plus, we've got you covered with fun and creative DIY nail art ideas to elevate your manicure game.  

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