How to take care of your hands at home

You use your hands for almost everything. Give them the care they deserve. Discover our Hand Care range here! 

Time for Hand Care

You use them for everything, yet you often forget to take care of them... Your hands! All the disinfecting and washing can dry your hands out. Therefore, it’s important to give them extra attention now and then. Soft hands, here you go!

What affects the health of our hands?

You use your hands for almost everything. Therefore, they are exposed to many different factors. This isn’t always without damage. Having contact with certain harsh ingredients and chemicals can dry out your hands more easily. This includes some soaps and frequent hand washing, hand sanitizers and cleaning products. 

The weather can also affect the condition of your skin. Changes in temperature, the sun and humidity can all affect your hands and their dryness. 

Besides that, lifestyle plays a role. Think about the amount of sleep you get, your eating habits and stress. Not only does it affect your health in general, but your hands as well.


What should you pay attention to?

Although some soaps can dry out your hands, it is important to wash your hands regularly. Because we touch all kinds of things throughout the day, we often get bacteria and dirt on our hands. Therefore, it is important to clean them sufficiently with a mild soap.

Besides cleaning, it is also important to protect your hands. When working with "aggressive" products, such as cleaning products, it is best to wear gloves. 

Do not forget to protect your hands either when the sun shines and you apply sun cream. Your hands can also get burnt or dry out when enjoying the sunshine. The UV rays accelerate the ageing process, which is something we want to prevent.

Using Hand cream

To provide extra moisture, it is important to apply a hand cream after washing your hands. Our new hand creams are available in three different scents. All three are quick-absorbing and non-greasy. Always nice to give as a present too!

You can apply the creams daily, as often as needed. Apply a pea-size on the back of your hands, gently massage into the skin.

Extra: The Hand Creams are a handy size to put in your handbag. So, you can easily take them with you wherever you go. Time to apply!

Hand Cream Jasmin Musk

This moisturising, anti-ageing hand cream instantly makes your hands silky soft. The Jasmin Musk Hand Cream is a luxurious, sweet blend of the neroli flower with hints of musk, sandalwood and the frangipani flower.

Hand Cream Lemon Rose

This anti-ageing hand cream provides daily hydration. The Lemon Rose Cream is enriched with shea butter and has a floral fragrance combined with fresh citrus notes such as lemon, bergamot and mandarin. The deep woody notes of amber and musk are also included.

Intensive Hand Cream

The Intensive Hand Cream is a deeply nourishing, anti-ageing hand cream with both UVA-UVB and anti-pollution filter. This ensures that the ageing of the skin is counteracted, and you also have a protective layer against the sun. The cream has the wonderful fragrance of white ginger flower.

Hand Serum 

This Hand Serum consists of 95% products of natural origin, from plants, trees and other organic products, but no animals. It is your greatest weapon against skin ageing. Your hands are the first to show signs of ageing. It provides the skin with a powerful dose of antioxidants that help to protect and repair the skin. The serum absorbs quickly into the skin and its anti-pollution action provides long-lasting protection against harmful, skin-aging effects. 
Apply at least twice a day one pump on the back of each hand. Gently massage into the skin. For best results, apply a hand cream after the Hand Serum. 

Hand Serum 

Extra tips

Besides taking care of your hands, take good care of your cuticles. You can rub them in with hand cream but using the Nail & Cuticle Oil provides extra care. It is important to regularly push them back with the Cuticle Pusher.

Watch your diet: it works best to take care of your skin both from the inside and outside. Maintain a balanced diet to keep your skin as healthy as possible from the inside. 

Drink enough water. This will ensure that your whole body, including your skin, remains well hydrated. After all, 80% of your skin is water.

Washing your hands is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it is necessary to clean them from time to time. It is best, however, to use lukewarm water and a mild soap for this purpose. This prevents your hands from drying out more quickly.

Do you easily forget to regularly apply your hand care products? Put them on your bedside table. That way, when you go to bed, you'll always see them, and you can take good care of your hands before you go to sleep and they have time to recover beautifully during the night.


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