What is the difference between regular Nail Polish and Gel Polish?

Did you know that there is more than just classic nail polish? Discover the benefits of Gel Polish!

I make nail contact before eye contact - do you also do this? Did you know that there is more than just classic nail polish? Doing your nails at home in a safe way is now also possible with Gel Polish. But why should you choose Gel Polish and not use classic nail polish? It is interesting to know the differences to find out what suits you best.

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Let's start with Gel Polish. Gel polish is actually an intermediate form of nail polish and gel nails. It combines the features of them both. Gel Polish is as thin and flexible as regular nail polish. You apply it, just like regular nail polish, on the natural nail. You cannot extend your own nails. To be able to place a Gel Polish manicure, you need a LED lamp. Gel only hardens under the lamp because the molecules in gel have to polymerise. The short chains of molecules connect to long chains and form a strong network. This way, the gel polish becomes hard and this is called the curing process. This process gives extra strength to the nails and that’s why it stays so well. 

What is regular nail polish?

We are all familiar with the classic nail polish that comes in just about every colour you can think of. There are different variations in this as well. Besides classic nail polish we have PN Nail Polish that, in combination with the Perfect Base and Forever Shine top coat, lasts up to 7 days. Nail polish is thinner than gel polish and can be left to dry naturally. If you want to give your nails a fresh nail polish colour, you don't need a LED lamp.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

The biggest advantage of Gel Polish is the longer wearing time. Despite the fact that Gel Polish is thin and also gives a natural look, it stays on twice as long as nail polish. A Gel Polish manicure lasts up to 21 days.

Because Gel Polish is more robust, your nails remain beautiful for the entire wearing period. It is less sensitive to scratches and more resistant than ordinary nail polish. 

Another advantage is that because the product hardens in the lamp, there is no drying time. When your nails are done, you can just continue doing what you were doing without having to pay attention to possible damage to your varnish. Please note that Gel Polish usually has a sticky layer that you have to remove after curing. Otherwise, your nails may still feel 'wet'. 

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Benefits of Regular Nail Polish

It's clearly not that nail polish doesn't last at all. A quality nail varnish in combination with a good base coat and top coat lasts up to 7 days. These are transparent nail polishes that ensure the colour sticks well and is protected. The base coat also protects your nail, as nail polish can sometimes cause discolouration on the natural nail. Painting the nails takes less time than applying Gel Polish. Nail polish dries in the air, so it is not necessary to use a lamp.

Besides a nice manicure, nail polish is also suitable to use on your toe nails. Often nail polish on your toes lasts longer because your nails are more covered, but also here you can use a base coat and top coat to extend the wearing time.

However, it does take longer for your nails to dry. The quote "The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying" describes this situation perfectly.

Nail polish is often easier to remove than Gel Polish. Therefore, changing colours will usually be faster than with Gel Polish.

Gel Manicure vs Regular Manicure: How to choose the right one for you

Gel polish really is the best option when it comes to wearing time. Some Gel Polish products are difficult to remove, so choose products of a good quality and you will probably never want something else.

Are you looking for quality products? Our Selfgel collection does not damage the natural nails and has a unique way of removing it. You just peel off the Gel Polish. 

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