What is Selfgel?

Have you ever dreamed of nail polish that not only dries quickly but also remains beautiful for a long time? Look no further! Selfgel to the rescue - the ultimate solution for all your nail needs, possible from the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Selfgel Gel Polish is like a magical formula that transforms your nails and makes them shine without compromising on health and beauty. With these hypoallergenic gels, made from the finest vegan ingredients and completely free from harmful substances such as HEMA, di-HEMA, MEHQ, and HQ, you can enjoy beautifully colored nails with peace of mind, without worrying about possible discoloration or polish withdrawal.


Applying Selfgel is a breeze thanks to our convenient starter kits, consisting of just three simple steps. Before you know it, with only 30 seconds of curing time (possible with any UV lamp), you'll be ready to conquer the world with breathtaking gel nails that can last up to 21 days - a true revolution compared to regular nail polish.

Money talk!

With just €3 per manicure, you not only save precious time but also money. Girlmath: this is only 0.14 cents per day!!? What are you waiting for?


Say goodbye to weak, crusty, and unhealthy nails!

Removing PN Selfgel is easier than ever. This can be done wherever and whenever you want without having to bring out those unnecessary tools or acetone. Best of all, removing the Selfgel is possible without damaging your nails. Because let's be honest, we all hate crusty nails!


Peel or Soak set?

Our Selfgel starter sets, known as Peel and Soak, are both perfect for home use and simplify your nail care routine, making them the perfect relaxation for some self-care. Discover the differences between the two and choose the one that suits you best!


Our No. 1 Fans!

The PN Selfcare community already has more than 10,000 satisfied Selfgel lovers! Curious to see their beautiful creations? :


Become a part of our PN Selfcare community and see for yourself what a difference Selfgel can make in your daily nail routine! Show us your Selfgel creations and inspire others on how to do gel nails! Tag us with @pn_selfcare and mention #pnselfcare.

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