Our tips for strong, healthy and shiny nails

Discover how to get stronger, healthier nails using our PN Selfcare products. Find a range of fixes for your nail dilemmas.

Everyone wonders sometimes: Why do my nails break so quickly? How do I get my nails healthier and stronger? How to get shiny nails without ridges? Well, PN Nail Care to the rescue.

Using our 40 years of professional experience we have designed a complete Nail Care line so we can help anyone with any nail problem!


Ridges in your nails?

Having ridges on your nails is very natural and common. This can be caused by diet changes, hormonal inbalances or simply by aging. Although it’s totally natural and unharmful it’s not always pretty. If you love a colourful manicure, it doesn’t always give a nice result, since you need a smooth even nail surface for it.

Did you know that a simple layer of our PN Ridge Filler with collagen gets rid of ridges in your nails? 

PN Nail Ridge PN Nail Ridge application

This slightly pink product contains collagen to make your nail surface perfectly even, filling all fine ridges. Thanks to the colour-correcting formula you can use this nail care product to create a well-groomed natural nail look or as a base under your favourite Nail polish.


Do your nails break easily?

It hurts a little every time. Not really physically, but rather mentally: you had saved up for it for so long! Even though a broken or split nail is not a first world problem, we’d still love to prevent it!

The PN Nail Strengthener contains several strengthening ingredients, including calcium. Even though this Nail Care product has a blue color, the result is completely colourless on your nail! 

PN Nail Strengthener PN Nail Strengthener application

Would you rather really have blue nails? Be sure to check out our blue Selfgel or Nail Polish colours!


Loose or wounded cuticles?

Then our PN Nail & Cuticle Oil (White Ginger) will prove a miracle cure. With this rich oil you restore and nourish the nail and the cuticle. The delicious White Ginger scent is a favourite of many PN fans! You just apply the product very gently for the best result: enjoy that extra me-time!

PN Nail & Cuticle Oil PN Nail & Cuticle Oil application


Do you suffer from thin, dry nails?

You definitely need to try the PN Nail Serum! Thanks to the active ingredients you nourish, hydrate and repair your nails in one go. 3-in-1: talk about efficiency!

PN Nail Serum PN Nail Serum application

Nail biter?

Do you like to eat your nails? Oh boy, such a bad habit… but we get it. However, we recommend that you stop NOW , because:

  • Your nail bed gets damaged, which can cause your nails to stop growing for good
  • It's a breeding ground for bacteria, and you don’t want swollen gums or a smelly breath
  • Your teeth can crumble because of the permanent damage biting does

You will get stronger nails thanks to the PN Nail Strengthener. Hopefully this will also help you develop a strong will to stop biting your nails, because this product is really not that tasty.


Not sure where to start first? 

Our NEW Nail Care Kit containing a Manicure File, a Nail Strengthener and a Nail & Cuticle Oil . Shop it here for yourself, or to give to someone as a gift. A Selfcare moment is a true gift from the heart!



PN is Belgian, Vegan, Cruelty Free

We’re very proud of the fact that our PN products are Belgian, vegan and cruelty free. Also Belgian? Support your locals. Choose local quality!

It’s true! People with well-groomed hands and nails are more attractive... All our PN Selfcare products will help you with that, such as our Nail Care, Selfgel Gel Polish and Nail polish.

Hello you, gorgeous !

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