What is the benefit of the PN Selfgel formula?

Do you know what ingredients are in your bottle of Gel Polish? Read more about it here!

Do you know what ingredients are in your bottle of Gel Polish? You don't read a label like that very often. Do you also prefer a Gel Polish that is safe to apply at home, as a non professional? 

Our products fully comply with all the guidelines of the European cosmetics legislation. Even if you have not studied chemistry, it’s obvious that you prefer strictly controlled products for your beauty case!  


7 reasons why you should choose PN Selfgel with peace of mind:

  1. This Gel Polish is completely safe  
  2. And vegan  
  3. We love animals #crueltyfree
  4. The risk of allergies or irritation is significantly lower 
  5. Highly pigmented colours and better coverage, so that one coat is often sufficient 
  6. Thanks to the Peelable Base, you can simply peel off the Gel Polish without damaging your natural nails or drying them out with solvents 
  7. You are choosing quality from Belgian soil! 


    Before you put your fingers under the LED lamp, be sure to check the quality of the Gel Polish on your next home manicure. After all, nails protect your fingertips.

    If you choose for PN Selfgel and its compatible basic products, you choose for a safe manicure with respect for your nails!

    "PN Selfgel is perfectly safe for any DIY manicure lover at home!"  


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