Get sparkly nails for the holidays! 🎀

Get sparkly nails for the holidays! 🎀

Are your outfits ready for the holidays? And what about your nails? Go for glamorous nail looks this holiday season! We've listed some combinations for you to take your outfit to the next level. Let the party begin!

Elevate your gel polish manicure with nail stickers! 💅

Nail art often seems impossible to try on your own nails! What if we came up with a quick and stylish solution? With PN Nail Icons, you can easily apply on and remove nail stickers off your natural nails or gel polish.

The PN Selfcare Nail Icons consist of 24 ultra-thin, self-adhesive, and durable nail stickers. The easy beauty hack you've been looking for! Discover here the different designs you can combine with the Selfgel colours for a funky manicure! 

Combo #1 The Selfgel colour Black Diamond, Sparkling Silver and Nail Icon Checkmate – now available €39,00

Combo #2 Nail Icon Dipped in Glitter – transparent nail wrap with a gradient in glitter – now available €18,00

Tip: Upgrade this look with a Selfgel colour of your choice – Selfgel colours €16,50

Combo #3 Classy Black & gold – combine the Nail Icon Black & Gold with a classic black gel polish and let your nails shine bright in black & gold! – now available €18,00

Not enough glitter? Say no more!

Glam up any Selfgel colour into a festive look with the Selfgel Glitter Gloss! This simple hack will transform your nails to the perfect party nails!

Show us what you got! 😍  Share your favorite nail look with us! Use #pnselfcare and let’s get this party started! 🎉

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