Nail Icons Hallucinails 24pcs

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Tired of the same old manicure? Our Hallucinails nailstickers with hallucinated print in red and blue squares offer a fun and unique way to keep your nails looking stylish. Not only can they add a pop of colour to your fingertips, but they also come with a nailfile to make sure your manicure is totally perfect! Our beautyhack lets you keep your nails looking amazing for up to 10 days, and you can even match them with your outfit or with other Selfgel colours for a truly unique look. Get creative and make your nails the talk of the town with these amazing nailstickers!

Discover the other Nail Icon prints so you can match your nails with your outfit, your mood, theme party, … Whatever & whenever you want!

What makes it special?

Above all, the Nail Icons are vegan and cruelty free.

  • 24 Nail Icons – good for 2/3 applications
  • With little file
  • Self-adhesive ultra-thin nail stickers
  • Exclusive designs
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to remove with nail polish remover
  • Last up to 10 days
  • No dry time
  • Instant fun & nail art look
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free


How to apply?

  • Push back your cuticles and clean your nails to remove any residue.
  • Remove the clear cover off the sheet.
  • Choose your Nail Icon in the appropriate size.
  • Apply the Nail Icon to the nail and gently stretch to fit.
  • File excess Nail Icon
  • You nailed it!
  • Tip: Apply one layer of PN Forever Shine for a long lasting result. 

Be careful with sun cream/self tanners. If you don't use a topcoat this can damage the Nail Icon.

    How to remove?

    After 10 days we recommend to remove the Nail Icons by applying a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton pad and gently let the pad work it’s magic on your nails. Do not remove Nail Icons by tearing them off it will damage the natural nail.