Cute Easter Nail Designs 2024

Get ready to steal the show and bring a burst of color to Spring with our dazzling Easter nail designs for 2024! From vibrant pastels to eye-catching patterns, we've got the perfect palette to make your fingertips pop and Easter proof!

Banana cream swirl

This vibrant look promises to illuminate every room you enter!

To achieve this cheerful design all you need is our Selfgel Banana Cream and our versatile Nail art brush that also doubles as a dotting tool.

To kick off the first look, start by painting 3 nails of choice with the yellow gel polish following our simple three step process. Grab you brush to elevate the remaining two nails with some fun delightful nail art. Let your creativity flow as you create a thicker flowy line similar to a French tip, but with a playful twist – perfection is not the aim here! Then for the finishing touch, add a lower, wavy line beneath.  And just like that you are ready to shine at that Easter Hunt!

Pastel yellow wavy french tip nails


White Pink Flowers

Looking for a simplistic yet girly nail design that perfectly captures the blooming beauty of spring? Search no further!

For this enchanting look all you need is a white colour such as Snow White and a light pink shade like Cute Pink or Pink Bliss. Further our dotting tool will be your partner in crime for crafting the floral pattern.

To create this adorable design, start off by painting 3 nails with your white tinted gellak and the other 2 with your chosen pink shade. Once again by following the known steps. Now, let your creativity blossom! Using your dotting tool and white shade, create the center of your flower with a charming polka dot on the pink nails. Feel free to add your own twist by experimenting with different colors or  dazzling it up by adding rhinestones for extra sparkle: you are the artistThen, bring the flower to life by crafting five petals with once again the dotting tool, using the same playful polka dot technique.

It's as simple as that! You're now ready to be the hot topic at your Easter brunch with nails that scream Spring.

Flower petal nail art Spring Easter nail design

Rainbow nails

Want to bring a smile to many faces? Well, with these rainbow statement nails you definitely will.

For this joyful and vibrant spring design you will need a neutral base such as Peach Please together with 5 bold colours. The ones used for this look were: Fresh Mint, Bubblegum, Euphoria, Clear Sky &  Banana Cream . To achieve the softer line, all colours were mixed with Fresh Milk before being applied with our Nail art brush.

After applying the neutral base, paint on each nail, with on every nail a different colour, a boarder a bit above the diagonal of your nail and fill it in. Next, mix each colour with a drop of Fresh Milk and apply this lighter mixture along the border diagonal of the colour and the neutral colour.

With these popping colourful nails ready to go, its now time to get out, meet friends and enjoy not only the gorgeous weather but also your gorgeous nails!


Rainbow Pastel Eeaster nail design

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