Halloween 2023 Inspiration Looks

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's time to get into the spooky spirit! While everyone focuses on costumes and makeup, why not take your Halloween look to the next level with some eye-catching nail art designs? In this blog post, we'll explore the Halloween-inspired colours and nail art designs that will make your nails the talk of the party. Get ready to be the one with not only the best costume but also the best nails!

Halloween Nail Art Looks  

Nailart Bats 

For this nail art design you will need the following products: PN Selfgel Little Black Dress, PN Selfgel Natural Beauty, and PN Selfgel Lavender Haze, PN Dotting Tool. To make it easier, we’ve created a PN Stamping Bundle that includes 2 Selfgel Colours of your choice and 1 Stamping Tool. Let those bats come to life! 


Nailart Ghosts 

If you prefer ghosts on your nails you can try to recreate this look. You will have boo-tiful and scary nails in no time.  

For this nail art design you will need the following products: PN Selfgel Natural Beauty, PN Selfgel Fresh Milk, PN Selfgel Little Black Dress, PN Dotting Tool. We’ve created a PN Stamping Bundle, that includes 2 Selfgel Colours of your choice and 1 Stamping Tool. Perfect for this nailart look! 


Nailart Dia de Los Muertos 

The Dia de Los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and colourful celebration of life and remembrance. So why not add this festive celebration to your nails? For this nail art design, you will need the following products: PN Selfgel 1 Fresh Milk, PN Selfgel 26 Little Black Dress, PN Selfgel 56 Shocking Pink. For this special day we’ve created a PN Dia de Los Muertos Bundle.  


Halloween Stickers 

Don’t have the artistic skills to create the Halloween nail design you’ve been dreaming of? Then we've got you covered! These PN Halloween Nail Stickers are perfect for you. Combine it with the PN Selfgel 43 Orange Soda and PN Selfgel 26 Little Black Dress. It's easy to have these nail stickers always around, especially when you're in need of a quick fix for a last-minute Halloween party. To make it even easier, we’ve created the PN Halloween Sticker Bundle!  


How to apply Nail Stickers? 

  1. Always wash your hands before you start and prepare your nails with a mini manicure.
  2. Take a PN Cleanser Wipe to carefully clean all nails.
  3. Apply a small amount of PN Selfgel Prepper to all nails. Press the liquid into the nail with the application brush. Let dry for a few seconds. There is no need to cure it under the Selfgel LED lamp.
  4. Apply 1 layer of PN Selfgel Peelable Base or PN Selfgel Soakable Base on all nails. Let the peelable base air dry for 30 seconds or the soakable base cure for 30 seconds under the PN Selfgel LED lamp. 
  5. Apply 2 layers of PN Selfgel Orange Soda and cure each layer under the Selfgel LED lamp for 30 seconds. Remove the sticky layer with a PN Selfgel Cleanser Wipe.
  6. With tweezers tear off your favourite sticker, place it onto the desire location of your nail and press on it gently.
  7. Apply one layer of PN Selfgel Finish to protect the nail stickers and cure under the LED lamp.
  8. Don't forget to remove the sticky layer with a PN Cleanser Wipes.

💡 Tip: when you hold them into the light, they will shine more brightly as they absorb the light.⁠ 

It's that easy! You'll have a spooky, cute trick or treat or witch design in no time. 


Halloween Nail Colours 

Lavender Haze & Shocking Pink 

Let's start with a touch of mystery and elegance. The PN Selfgel Lavender Haze is the perfect Halloween colour for those who want to add a little magic to their nail game. This bewitching shade will make your nails stand out in the crowd.  

Want to make a bold statement? Then the PN Selfgel Shocking Pink is a vibrant and electrifying shade will grab everyone's attention and scream Halloween fun! You can find these colours in our beautiful Beyond the Stars Collection!  

Starry Night 

The PN Selfgel Starry Night brings out the mystical side of Halloween. This deep, dark blue shade will give your nails a touch of cosmic beauty. You can recreate the night sky filled with twinkling stars on your nails. Find this colour in our Beyond the Stars Collection. 

Little Black Dress 

For a classic and timeless Halloween look, you can never go wrong with the PN Selfgel Little Black Dress. This black shade will complement any costume, from a wicked witch to a mysterious vampire. Little Black Dress is the ultimate go-to colour for those who want to keep it simple yet stylish this Halloween. You can also find this colour in our Wine Not Collection.  

Orange Soda 

What's Halloween without a pop of orange? PN Selfgel Orange Soda is the perfect Halloween colour to add a burst of energy and playfulness to your nails. This vibrant shade will instantly brighten up your look and give your nails a fun and festive vibe.  


Cosmic Pink 

The PN Selfgel Cosmic Pink will take your Halloween look to another dimension. Create the popular Cat-Eye look with this mesmerizing and otherworldly colour. Combine this colour with a dark base colour and you’re good to go! You can find this shade in the Beyond The Stars Collection.    



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