PN Selfgel Kit Atomic Red + 4 Nude Colours

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With this Selfgel Kit you can shine in no time. The Gel Polish is easy to apply and just as easy to remove. Follow the 4 easy steps and enjoy your perfectly polished nails up to 15 days. This complete starter kit is perfect to use at home or anywhere else and comes with a LED lamp, 1 Selfgel Colour Atomic Red and all the other basic products. In addition to the popular Selfgel colour Atomic Red you will receive 4 elegant nude colours.

Included in the kit:

4 Nude Colours:

  • PN Selfgel 5 Natural Beauty
  • PN Selfgel 2 Sandy Beach
  • PN Selfgel 9 Pink Dune
  • PN Selfgel 6 Pretty in Pink

Taking it off again is easier and safer than ever with the Peel-off Selfgel! No more skin-drying liquids but simply peelable without damaging your nails. 

Watch the video and learn how to apply Selfgel!

Discover how to peel-off your Selfgel manicure